g- Quiz Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it with the "skip" button? What happens when i run out of "skips" ?

A: Initially g-Quiz has a number of 5 "skips". For every 10 (ten) correct questions, if you dont use the skip button, you get 1 "skip" added. Use them wisely!

Q: When using the "share via..." option, facebook doesn't work, meaning that the question does not come up. Instead only the image is being displayed.

A: It is a known issue when using the android share intent for facebook posts. A new share via facebook button will be added using the facebook api, in the next update.

Q: I can only share a question using email, there is no facebook or twitter option.

A: That is because facebook app or twitter app is  not installed on your device. Using the play store, download and install the app you want to use in order to share the question. Restart the application and the option should be there for you to use it.

Q: When sharing a question it shows the wrong thumbnail.

A: The image (drawable) is copied into a file on the external storage and then attached on the sharing application. It may take a while for the picture to be copied causing the wrong thumbnail to be displayed. However, the pointer/name of the file & the image sent is correct.
You can wait a few seconds and then share the question. That should solve the problem till the next update.

Q: What is it with the g-quiz icon?

A: The icon shows the Cerebrowl collecting all the questions. Your task is to beat him and become the new trivia master.

Q: Why is he called Cerebrowl?

A: The cerebral cortex is the top of the brain and owl is the symbol of wisdom. By combining those two elements, our creature is called cerebrowl. If you can beat it, you will be the most intelligent person on earth.

Q: How many questions or levels are there?

A: As of now, there are 100 questions / levels. There should be 100 more in the next update.

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