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Using the g- Quiz

General Knowledge Photo Quiz

- Once the app is opened you are ready to begin the question.

- You can either type or speak the answer.

-There is a skip button which you can use in order to skip a question that you don't know. Caution: there are only 5 "skips" available. You only get a bonus "skip" added when you answer 10 questions without using the skip button. Use it wisely!
- Using the Menu (left bottom soft key) you can play around with the settings:
  • Add your name on the title/status bar.
  • Enable / Disable the TTS (Text To Speech) feature. When the TTS is enabled the question will be read out loud for you. 
  • Enable / Disable the Speech Recognition feature. When enabled the speech recognition window will automatically pop up after 5 seconds (default value).
  • Set the duration in seconds the speech recognition will take to pop up in order to give you time to think about the question. 

- "Get help" feature. Are you stuck on a question you don't remember or don't know? Get your friends into helping you. Share the question and the corresponding image
via... Facebook, Twitter, Email, Bluetooth, etc... just click on the device's menu and then tab on the "Get help" feature.

- "Speak the Answer" button. Are you bored of typing? It has never been easier. Tap the speak the answer button, wait for the speech recognition to be ready and then say the answer. The first result will be typed for you as the answer. If that's not the correct one then scroll down and tap on the correct one.

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